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Fortrade broker review 2023

Fortrade is a large provider of online trading platforms and services headquartered in the United Kingdom.
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Fortrade review

The company was founded in 2014 and offers premium CFDs, forex trading solutions, and exchange strategies. Its customers can access an incredible array of trading instruments, including 300 stock CFDs, 50 currency pairs, index and commodity CFDs. Over the years, It has renewed its commitment to making online brokerage services profitable and accessible to everyone, irrespective of their skill levels or budget.

Fortrade is a large provider of online trading platforms and services headquartered in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 2014 and offers premium CFDs, forex trading solutions, and exchange strategies.

Its customers can access an incredible array of trading instruments, including 300 stock CFDs, 50 currency pairs, index and commodity CFDs. Over the years, It has renewed its commitment to making online brokerage services profitable and accessible to everyone, irrespective of their skill levels or budget. Fortrade review 2023 comprehensively explores the broker, its technologically advanced platforms, features and services, trading conditions, and customer support.

Features and Services

The broker offers financial services like investment recommendations, research-backed market analysis, charts, research tools, and educational resources. Open a demo or real-time trading accounts to access the firm’s brilliant features and services. Both possess next-level features that improve your trading experience and help you remain in profit.

Trading platforms

It has multiple trading platforms, available through a web browser and mobile trading applications supported by Android, Ios, Linux and Windows devices. It also provides users with some of the best affiliate marketing services and promotional products.

Here are Fortrade’s user-friendly and feature-rich trading platforms:


MetaTrader4 provides multiple technical indicators and graphical tools like Fibonacci curves and Gann lines to suit your strategies. It allows all traders to trade forex using various browsers and OS. It has nine timeframes for tracking detailed price movements on all charts.

You can employ automated trading via its Expert Advisor feature. Access your complete trading histories, one-click trading, multiple order types and constant data protection by heading on to for trade login and sign-up page to create an account.

As long as your internet connection is stable, you can trade stocks, commodities, indices, bonds, ETFs, and FX with the Fortrade app.


Fortrader is the broker’s native trading terminal. It uses a powerful but low-latency system to deliver current and precise data for novice and expert traders to monitor, analyze and trade various trade instruments. It features high-tech advancements with user-friendly software offerings.

Fortrader is an all-in-one terminal that saves a lot of time with its simple navigation tools, customization features, superior search functionality, and modern designs. Beginners can paper trade on their demo accounts until they are proficient enough to use a live account.

Fortrader supports popular web browsers like chrome, internet explorer, opera, safari and firefox. Its encryption techniques ensure complete secrecy and anonymity.

Fortrade apps

Fortrade Mobile MT4 and Fortrader applications help you stay connected to your portfolios. You manage your retail accounts on the go when you convert your mobile device into a trading station. Download fortrade apps on the Fortrade brokerage website, Apple app store, or Google play store.

The apps feature similar trading instruments and features and allow you to profit comfortably. The app’s limitations include a restricted time frame and chart options, but all traders can open, modify, and cancel orders.

Trading Assets

Here is an overview of the wide range of trading instruments Fortrade offers for transactions:


It allows customers to transact on limited international stock companies and exchanges by offering 24 DMA stocks. Some of the available company shocks are Colgate-Palmolive and Nike.


It offers over 17 indexes that feature popular and reputable corporate shares. Other brokers are less popular indexes for trading.


It allows you to transact units of oil, Brent crude, natural gas, heating gas, and gasoline.

Agricultural products

The broker-dealer provides top-notch CFDs, futures, and options on actual agricultural products like wheat, sugar, corn, and cotton.

Many basic supplies are available on major international commodity exchanges and play a significant role in the modern world economy.

Precious metals

You can trade up to ten precious metals on the Fortrade crypto exchange. Some metals to look forward to are silver, platinum, and gold.

US Treasuries

Fortrade allows you to trade CFDs on US treasury securities, CFDs, and bonds. It offers the best rates on treasures with maturity duration of five to thirty years to help customers maximize their future profits.

Fortrade accounts

Users have access to two types of accounts: retail and demo accounts. Each type of account offers exceptional margins, leverage, and commission. There are also varying minimum deposit requirements.

Retail fortrade account

Fortrade brokerage account provides beginners and advanced traders faster order execution times and commission-free trades. It’s easy to set up regardless of the available base currency. To open a standard real-time account, pay a minimum deposit of $100. Some expert advisors recommend an initial deposit of $500.

With a retail account, you can access all MT4 and Fortrader features and trading instruments to receive up to 1:30 leverage on specific assets. The Fortrade login process requires details like your full name, country, phone number, preferred currency, and physical and email address.

To get a verified Fortrade brokerage account, you must answer questions regarding your employment state, financial obligation and goals.

Fortrade demo account

Anyone can create a paper trading account on any terminal. It helps beginners try out fortrade crypto instruments risk-free using fake currencies in real-time markets.

Demo accounts offer a realistic experience of an actual trade. It offers everything a retail account offers but with fake money. There are no time restrictions, and it provides diverse quotes for assets and their related charts.

Enjoy this paper trading feature 30 to 90 days after opening an account. It serves as a credit to fund trades in a simulated environment. Once you open an account, the brokerage provides you with an initial capital of 100,000.

Note that you must register on the webpage, providing your full name and email address to use the service.

Fortrade trading tools and educational resources963

Here are Fortrade brokerage account trading tools and educational resources:

Trading central

Fortrade offers a third-party tool called trading central to clients with standard retail accounts. It gives them an advanced technical analysis tool to understand current trends and news updates.

Trading central helps novice traders with limited technical know-how to make profitable decisions.

Trading calculators

There are four calculators for Fortrade customers. The first two include a currency converter tool which converts real-time market rates and a margin percentage calculator for calculating margins needed to secure or close a position.

The third calculator is the swap rates calculator; it helps traders estimate trading and non-trading fees on the instruments they are currently working on.

Lastly, the pip value calculator. It helps to compute the exact value of trading positions in standard and demo accounts.

Trading eBooks

Fortrade brokerage account offers a wide range of educational materials on Fortrade mining, Fortrade crypto trading and every other relevant information on trading instruments.

One of the trading ebooks on Fortrade is a forex market ebook that breaks down the fundamental ideas for trading profitably. Another is the 3D-modeled interactive flipping eBook which covers everything on stock trade brokers and is appropriate for all traders.

Trading courses

It is one of a few stock trade brokers that offer trading courses for novice and professional traders.

The courses for beginners teach the fundamentals of Fortrade mining and trades on forex brokerage accounts, give a comprehensive glossary of terms, and vividly describe how to execute trades.

The course for professionals defines equities, indices, and CFDs. It explains the advantages and disadvantages of making certain trades with specific instruments.

Trading video tutorials

Fortrade review finds that you can learn to use technical analysis tools without charge by watching videos on the website’s training center. Check out the world of global trading video to begin your journey into the trade market.

Regulation and security

It meets the conditions of several financial authorities around the world. They monitor and supervise the broker-dealers operations. Also, they ensure clients have reimbursement schemes and provide useful policies to maintain proper trading environments.

Here is a list of its entities across various countries:

  • Fortrade Mauritius Ltd: Regulated and licensed by Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC).
  • Fortrade Ltd: Authorized and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  • LL Fort Securities BLR: Licenced and authorized by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (NBRB).
  • Fortrade Cyprus Ltd: Supervised and monitored by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).
  • Fortrade Canada Ltd: Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) and supervised by the Investment Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC).

Here are some of the countries it operates using these licences:

  • Austria
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bahrain
  • Bangladesh
  • Botswana
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Comoros
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Finland
  • France

It is banned in Uganda, North Korea, Isreal, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Angola and Hong Kong.

Is Fortrade Safe?

It is a leading forex broker in the USA with a secure trading terminal. It stores clients’ monies in safe and trusted financial institutions different from company accounts. It offers negative balance protection on all accounts to save customers from drastic losses.

Clients can access consumer protection schemes depending on location and the licensing regulator. In the United Kingdom, clients will receive at least £85,000 if Fortreade ever goes bankrupt.

Trading conditions


Fee typeamount
Withdrawal$0 on local transactions $40 on international transactions
Dormancy/inactivity$10 monthly until account balance equals $0.
SwapPip value * Swap rate in pips* a number of nights
Spread bettingNot applicable


Fortrade offers floating spreads and charges a little markup of the current market spread price. It offers S&P 500 index at 0.6 pips. You may receive an average spread of 2 pips on USD/GBP pairs and up to 3 pips on EUR/GBP currency pairs on the firm’s forex brokerage account.

Leverage and margin requirement

All users must have enough capital and collateral (margin) in their accounts to cover all potential debts. The margin amount available to each client determines the number of trades they can open. A safe margin level on the platform is about 10 to 20 per cent leverage.

Retail traders enjoy up to 1:30 leverage, while more advanced traders can get up to 1:200 leverage. If you are a novice searching for a high-power forex broker with high leverage, you can start with Fortrade’s leverage of 1:10.

Order execution speed

It has a relatively fast order execution speed across all accounts.

Customer support

It offers excellent customer relations support. The team successfully resolves most customer problems on time via email, live chat, and phone calls. Its support channels are s[email protected] (email) and +44 203 966 4506 (phone number).

The brokerage firm’s live chat support has a low wait time, with experienced team members on standby to answer and resolve all inquiries.

You may visit their FAQ section for simple solutions if you prefer self-help. For instance, if you have a question like “how many brokerage accounts can I have ?” you can visit the FAQ section for a suitable response.

Review of customer service quality

Customer support serviceFortrade review
EmailWithin 48 hours
Live chatWithin 5 minutes
FAQ sectionLimited
Phone callFast

Pros and cons

Here is an impartial overview of the pros and cons of Fortrade stock trade brokers:

2FA security on Fortrade loginInactivity fees
Quick sign-up verificationLimited educational and trading resources
Paper trading accountHigh spread
Beginner friendly features
Multilingual customer support
High leverage


As a forex broker with high leverage, top customer support, multiple trading resources, premium-featured trading accounts and top-notch transparency, Fortrade is a highly recommended broker.

Fortrade Review 2023 guarantees that it is one of the best brokerage accounts to use this year.


Yes, it is safe. It is regulated by the best and most highly-reputable financial authorities worldwide, including the FCA in the UK, CySEC in Cyprus, ASIC in Australia, and the NBRB in Belarus.
You can open as many brokerage accounts as you want. However, it is best to stick to the best broker like Fortrade. Alternatives to this online broker include eToro, Exness, and FXpro.
It is potentially one of the best forex brokers in the USA, but it doesn't provide services to US residents for now.
The founders created the name by joining the words "for" and "trade".
Some methods to deposit and withdraw funds here include bank transfers, debit/credit cards, Neteller, Skrill, and many other e-wallets.
It does not offer bonuses or incentives to new users.